Do you want to sign a contract with a football club?
Pass the trials with DraftMe and get a chance to play! Professional coaches, scouts and agents from different countries will see you playing. The best will get the assistance in promotion to clubs from Europe and Asia
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DraftMe is for you, if you want to:

Find a club for you and prove your worth it
Compete for the top spot in the selection and get fully paid trials in Europe with DraftMe
Test yourself against professional clubs and complete a training camp
Get competent recommendations and feedback from DraftMe couches and scouts
Create a high-quality resume with highlights from matches for DraftMe
Selection stages 2021
Available after completing the 2nd stage
A two-week finalist camp, with training and exhibition matches against professional clubs. A chance for everyone to prove themselves in front of coaches and agents. Each participant will receive a professional CV with highlights. Promising players will receive assistance in promotion to clubs, and the strongest participant will go to a European club for free.
Exhibition matches
October 12 – October 26 (Moscow)
from 26 $
* In case of successful completion of the stage, we will invite you to an offline trials in Moscow!
Technical skills assessment - online or offline in Moscow. Take the tests on the field or record the exercise on camera, we will send you a list of exercises after registration. DraftMe trainers will analyse your videos and decide on the transition to the 2nd stage.
June 17 – September 27
Available after completing the 1st stage
350 $
Weekly cycle of fieldwork with the DraftMe coaches, including training, two-way games and a day of physical testing with InnoSport. At the end of the week, DraftMe coaches will announce the list of footballers who have made it to the 3rd stage.
Weekly fees
October 4 – October 10 (Moscow)

Choose 1 of 2 options

Registration for the first stage

Come to the test personally and show DraftMe coaches and scouts what you are capable of. You will receive feedback on the field and an answer about the further transition to the second stage.
Testing on the field with a coach
Moscow, Arena Alfa Sport, Shipilovsky proezd, 63k2, metro Domodedovskaya
26 $
You will be provided with a list of exercises that you need to complete and shoot on camera after payment. We will analyse your video report and give a feedback on the transition to the second stage. If the answer is negative, the reason is not explained.
October 02, 2021
DraftMe • DraftMe DraftMe • DraftMe • DraftMe • DraftMe • DraftMe • DraftMe • DraftMe • DraftMe
Analysis of games via Zoom
Cost 35 $
Full match recording required
Stage 1. Video analysis of the matches played
• We will determine your current level and potential
We will form your optimal tactical profile (position and role on the field)
We will develop a training plan based on the received data

How it will work?
1. You will send us a recording of your game
2.Our specialist will analyze it for a few days, and then he will schedule a call with you
Stage 2. Analysis of games via Zoom
We will analyze game situations
Learn to focus on strengths and cover weaknesses
Develop tactical thinking

How it will be?
1. On the appointed day, you will call the Zoom analyst and receive detailed recommendations and feedback from him.
2. You can ask any question about your game and get an answer
Request for consultation
Leave a request and we will contact you within an hour
Contact me via:
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Learn more about the DraftMe
No way to listen? Read it!
Do you want to get into professional football or to play abroad?

It is important from the very beginning for you to understand who we are and how we can help you.
DraftMe is a scouting platform that connects footballers with clubs, scouts and agents around the world.
We offer 2 ways:

The first way (online casting).
You have a CV with highlights of your matches - you can send it along with a request for casting to any agency or club DraftMe works with. You are guaranteed to receive a report on your strengths and weaknesses, and if we are interested, you will be invited to a face-to-face casting at the club.
Do you know which club is better to send a request for casting? Get a recommendation from us taking into account your skills after registering on the site.

The second way (offline trials).
Don't have a CV or highlights, but want to break through to the professional level? We offer you the DraftMe selection. Three stages of testing, matches and training. From evaluating the basic skills of a football player to two-week training camps and games against professional teams.

Show yourself and convince the DraftMe coaches that you are worthy of assistance in your promotion to a professional club. You will play the matches that we will record and make highlights with a resume for you. We will send your video to all our partners who may be interested.
And if you turn out to be the best in the selection, we will send it for viewing abroad and take all the costs on ourselves.

DraftMe was created by people from the football world, and we know how it works from the inside. You can continue to send letters to the clubs, which will remain unanswered, or wait for someone to come and notice you at your match in the LFL or KFK.

We do not promise you mountains of gold and contracts on a platter. But we will give you clear and transparent opportunities to be noticed.

The prices for our services are on the site, and you yourself choose - to remain a dreamer or go from words to deeds.

The successes of our players
Andrey Minchev
Christy Mark
Vadim Zubavlenko
Timur Kraikov
Emmanuelle Thierry
Said Diabate
Andrey Minchev, 22 years old
The contract with the club: "Codru" (Moldova, Premier League)
Christy Mark, 26 years old
Club contract: "Narva-Trans" (Estonia, Premium League)
Vadim Zubavlenko, 22 years old
Club contract: "TSK-Tavria" (Premier League)
Timur Kraikov, 20 years old
FC Kaluga (Russia, Olimp-FNL 2)
Emmanuelle Thierry Mackinde, 22 years old
Defensive midfielder
FC "Alga" (Kyrgyzstan, BC Olimp Premier League)
Said Diabate, 22 years old
FC "Neftchi" (Kyrgyzstan, BC Olimp Premier League)
Scouts are looking for talent through DraftMe
Dejan Prebirachevich, scout of FC Anderlecht, clubs of Serbia and other European countries
David Sannazzaro, founder of FC Vicenza, General Director of FC Este
Christian Klose, scout FC "St. Pauli", clubs of regional leagues in Germany
Spendy Idrizi, Scout FC "Triglav"
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DraftMe • DraftMe DraftMe • DraftMe • DraftMe • DraftMe • DraftMe • DraftMe • DraftMe • DraftMe
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