Trials in Greece
From 10 to 24 July 2021
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We invite you to the trials in Greece!

This is your chance!

May 2021, DraftMe trials in Serbia:
5 of the 11 players received an invitation to trials in the Top and First League of Serbia and Montenegro.
How was it?
Watch the video about the trials in Serbia
3 matches
You will play 3 matches against professional clubs from the 2nd and 3rd division + a game against PAOK-V.
Scouts and agents of clubs from Greece
There will be scouts and agents of local clubs in the stands. Prove yourself and cling to the chance to play in Europe!

Jul 28- Aug 07
Trials in Greece for DraftMe football players.
High-quality training process
High-quality training process, accommodation and meals in a 4* hotel, etc. are included.

The trial camp organised together with our Serbian partner, Dejan Prebiracevic!
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Football trials in Serbia. May 2021
You send us videos of your games. We analyse them and inform you whether you got through into the next stage or not. If you don't pass, then you don't pay us anything. If you pass, you will pay 90 euros upon arrival to Greece.
Participation fee: $90 or free ($150)
Stage 1. Take part in the first elimination round online
Did you receive a high evaluation? We are waiting for you as part of our trials team in Greece. Scouts and agents of local clubs will be gathered there. Your task is to prove yourself 100%! Impress them with your talent - and the contract is in the bag!
The cost of participation: $2250 (you can pay upon arrival to Greece)
Stage 2. Get an invitation to Greece
Этап 3. Приехать на сборы
В Греции соберутся скауты из клубов разных стран, твоя задача проявить себя на все 100!Зацепи своей техникой и силой - и контракт у тебя в руках!
Как только подходящий клуб будет определён, тебе останется лишь оплатить запрос на онлайн просмотр твоего профайла с видео и ожидать отчета по форме от представителя клуба или скаута
Если твой профайл понравится скауту клуба - ты получишь приглашение на просмотр в офлайне, на поле. Не переживай, мы поможем тебе с организацией и трансфером до локации.
Мы постоянно будем на связи
Приглашение на просмотр
Если твой профайл не подойдет скауту: не волнуйся, ты останешься в базе игроков DraftMe и у тебя будут альтернативные варианты, такие как:
• Отправка запросов в другие клубы;
• Прохождения офлайн отбора DraftMe в Москве;
• Выставочные матчи против профессиональных клубов;
• Поездка на просмотровые сборы заграницу.
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Stage 1. Take part in the first elimination round online

Scouts use DraftMe to look for talent

Dejan Prebirachevich, scout of FC Anderlecht, clubs in Serbia and other European countries
Davide Sanazaro, founder of FC Vicenza, CEO of FC Este
Christian Klose, scout of FC St Pauli, German regional league clubs
Spendi Idrizi, scout of FC Triglav

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