Why should I pay for casting/trials?
 A large team of specialists and experts are working on the project to maintain objectivity and professionalism, to monitor each player in a high-quality manner , to give a capacious feedback.
What are the guarantees that I will be objectively assessed by the video?
The scout of a club or agency is not his own enemy and is interested in finding talent. In addition, the scout is interested in the material being sent and there is plenty to choose from. Accordingly, the scout is interested in doing his job efficiently, which means that you will be evaluated objectively.
What are the guarantees that scouts, agents, clubs will actually see me?
The list of partner clubs that are looking for players, understand the essence of our project and will look at our members, you can find on our website. The only way to get you into a team is to show you to an agent, scout, club.
I'm under 18, can I take part?
Yes, you can participate with the permission of your parents or guardians. We have partners among the agencies who can help with the team regardless of age.
If I have no experience playing at a serious level, will scouts and agents look at me?
Yes. That's why we are all gathered here. The goal of the project is to find talents and help them realize themselves. Submit a video, impress the scouts and don't think that you don't have serious experience. Everybody once started with something.
Can I pay later when I sign the contract?
No. For the project to develop, and for the team to view more players and to help them to find jobs, payments are crucial.
Is it possible to go through the views for free?
 No. For the project to develop, and for the team to view more players and to help them to find jobs, payments are crucial.
How do I know if a club or agent is interested in me?
Immediately upon receipt of the report from the scout. After the club is expressing the interest, we begin the negotiation process about the details of the trip.
Will my money be refunded if I am not selected by scouts or agents?
No. You pay for not to be invited by an agent, but to go through the selection, which we organized to show you to agents and scouts.
If I have an agent, but no club, can I participate in the viewing?
What other expenses will I incur besides paying for watching a video scout?
Transfer, accommodation, meals are on your shoulders.
There is some good news. Our partners can choose players who will be covered for all the costs of participating in the viewing, even if you live in Kamchatka or in another country.