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DraftMe is a platform that connects football players with clubs and scouts from different countries. We guarantee you will be noticed
To go from online application to offline trials and contract signing
Send a request for personalized recommendations
Get Club Recommendations from DraftMe Scouts
Choose the club you like and pay for online casting
Made the impression on online casting? The club will invite you to the training camp.
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The successes of our players
Andrey Minchev
Christy Mark
Emmanuelle Thierry
Andrey Minchev, 22 years old
The contract with the club: "Codru" (Moldova, Premier League)
Christy Mark, 26 years old
Club contract: "Narva-Trans" (Estonia, Premium League)
Emmanuelle Thierry Mackinde, 22 years old
Defensive midfielder
FC "Alga" (Kyrgyzstan, BC Olimp Premier League)
We are in numbers for the season 2021
clubs that can see our players
scouts evaluate our players
players have signed contracts
agencies work with our players
players have been invited to training camps (including in Serbia, etc.)
Scouts are looking for talent through DraftMe
Dejan Prebirachevich, scout of FC Anderlecht, clubs of Serbia and other European countries
David Sannazzaro, founder of FC Vicenza, General Director of FC Este
Christian Klose, scout FC "St. Pauli", clubs of regional leagues in Germany
Spendy Idrizi, Scout FC "Triglav"
How to get to the project?
Submit a request for personalized recommendations. Our scouts will contact you by WhatsApp or mail and send you a questionnaire
Simple form of communication
After we send you the form, you will need to fill it out. Scouts will analyze your profile and give recommendations on clubs that are right for you
Personal recommendation from DraftMe scouts
The choice is yours
There are dozens of football clubs and scouts in our database who are looking for new players right now. Based on the scout's recommendations, choose your favorite club from the list
As soon as a suitable club is determined, you will only have to pay for a request to view your profile online with a video and wait for a report in the form from a representative of the club or a scout
If the scout of the club likes your profile , you will receive an invitation to watch it offline , on the field. Don't worry, we will help you with the organization and transfer to the location.
We will always be in touch
View invitation
If your profile doesn't fit the scout: don't worry, you will stay in the DraftMe player base and you will have alternative options, such as:
• Sending requests to other clubs;
• Passage of selection on the field with coaches using DraftMe system ;
• Exhibition matches against professional clubs;
• Travel for viewing fees abroad.

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What will I get
With DraftMe
Without DraftMe
Need to look for up-to-date information about club requests

High probability of getting caught by scammers

It is difficult to find contacts of scouts

Even if contacts are found, the chance that your profile will be viewed is minimal

All relevant information about the requests of clubs and scouts on one page

Every club representative we know personally

You just need to choose a football club, pay for a casting, and we guarantee that the scout of the club will see your profile and give feedback on it

If you successfully pass the online selection and receive an invitation to trials, we will help you with the transfer and accompany you in the negotiations on the contract
Who is this project for?
  • If you want to find or change a football club
  • You are over 16 years old and you are ready for big football
  • You have videos from games that you can upload to your profile
  • You are confident in your abilities and do not expect a miracle, but you yourself are looking for your chance. Feel free to send an application and we will select clubs for you!

What do we offer?

It is guaranteed your profile will be noted in the selected club

We do not guarantee a contract, but we do guarantee an assessment of your profile from a scout and / or agent. If the initial online casting is successful, you will receive an invitation to a full-fledged trials on the field

DraftMe is created by people from the world of football. We know this game from the inside and are always in touch for you

Do you have doubts about choosing a club? Thoughts about deception or misunderstanding about the legal component? Contact us here - we will answer your questions

Basic accompaniment and support of the player from invitation to contract

We will help you to organize your trip and to negotiate on a contract
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Football clubs
FC «Tavria»
Simferopol, Ukraine
FC «Żejtun Corinthians»
Żejtun, Malta
Este, Italy
FC «Nikolaev»
FC «Triglav»
Nikolaev, Ukraine
FC «Botev»
Top League
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
FC «Vicenza»
Vicenza, Italy
FC «Rudar»
Pljevlja, Montenegro
FC «Iraklis»
Thessaloniki, Greece
Thessaloniki, Greece
FC «Vojvodina»
Novi Sad, Serbia
FC «Daugavpils»
Daugavpils, Latvia
Kranj, Slovenia
FC «Este»
Football agencies
Football Agency
International Football Agency
Artem Kerselian
Coach, scout of clubs in Asia, Arabia and Eastern Europe
Scout of FC «St Pauli» and
German regional league clubs
Christian Klose
Agent, scout. ProStar agency representative
Taras Stretovich
Coach, scout of clubs in Croatia, Belgium, Germany, Austria and other countries
Andrey Chernyshev
Braham Football Trials
Scout of clubs in England, Scotland, Czech Republic, Finland, Slovakia, Sweden

Football Leagues

German Sixth League
German Fifth League
German Fourth League
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